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Course Overview

Course Overview

The GITB LEAD Program formally called the GITB Youth Development Program is an integral innovation of Genius IT Foundation, helping young people of Ghana especially in the Volta Region get started with relevant Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Digital Skills in helping bridge the digital divide, increasing productivity and effectiveness.

GITB LEAD is a certificate in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills Program designed to give an introductory to mastery yet solid and rudimentary as well as advance skills-based knowledge to young professionals desiring to take advantage of the Digital, Entrepreneurial, and Leadership wave for the 21st century.

8 Weeks
Ghc 100.00
Ghc 800.00

Graphic design is a creative, innovative, and unique art. It combines the power of your thoughts, experience, and ability to conceptualize in coming up with beautiful visual works that can communicate interest, a brand, or a feeling for which businesses exist and desire to make an impact and profit.

Graphic design is all around us, everywhere you go, there you will see graphic design almost anywhere. Just imagine a world without graphic and creative designers.

Graphic designing is one of the skills that get many people to make money very quickly. No matter what you or a business does, graphic design is one integral part when it comes to digital marketing. Being able to communicate a brand and its message is not an easy task and it takes a very good graphic or creative designer to be able to do that.

Our Graphic Design course is designed to teach you in simple terms the building blocks of graphic designing whiles allowing you to engage your creativity in birthing new ideas with the use of Adobe Photoshop.

Module Objectives

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), which enables you to build dynamic websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the web and it allows easy updating, customizing, and management of websites from their back-end CMS and components, even without having programming skills.

As easy as WordPress is to use, it is only easy for those who have learned how to use it. For you to get up and running quickly with it, you need a professional tutorship that will enable you to learn the secrets of building websites fast and efficiently.

This course takes you from ground zero and makes you a professional in the website design industry by taking you through the very key and relevant knowledge and skills needed to help you become a confident website developer.

With our approach to teaching and learning, you have more than 70% of contact hours practicing what you are learning so as to make you more confident in the skills you are acquiring in the shortest possible time.

Module Objectives

New to the programming world?

Python provides one of the easiest syntaxes to start having an amazing programming experience. The amazing thing about python and why it is getting very popular is its versatility despite how simple it is to learn and use. It can be used for both simple and complex tasks.

Its versatility spans Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Mobile Application Development, Web Application development, etc.

Python is a must-have skill in your skills portfolio irrespective of the field you find yourself.

Module Objectives

At the end of this course, students/fellows will:

  • Develop confident skills in basic digital marketing including the efficient use of Photoshop for professional graphic design
  • Develop highly sort-after skills in website development and digital marketing fundamentals.
  • Acquire the basics of programming using Python.
  • Acquire very relevant entrepreneurial skills in business module generation, creating value for a business, develop acceptable customer service skills that will in every way promote the success of any business venture.
  • Get exposed to and also develop very important leadership skills that have the potential to aid fellows in being able to set goals, learn how to achieve them, expand their communication skills as well as learn to manage their time effectively towards achieving set goals and objectives.
  • Students are expected to posses their personal laptops.
  • Prior Digital Skills will be an advantage but not necessary.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
50% payment before start of course

Videos, Lecture Notes, PDFs, Websites

Students are required to make a 90% attendance to access this course certificate.
Students of this course are required to undertake all major assignments to qualify for this course certification.


I am Sherita Fansey, a dedicated student at Genius IT Brainery, having recently completed the six-week Computer Basics course. My journey with Genius IT Brainery has been transformative, enhancing my

Fiawoli Mawusi

I highly recommend Genius IT Brainery for its holistic approach to education, fostering competence and problem-solving skills. Access to resources, like computers, ensures inclusivity.

Sabrah Delali Ama

Beyond technical skills, the institution instilled the values of hard work, discipline, and consistency. Improved proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with enhanced Python skills, reflected my growth.

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