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Student Enrolment Policy


Genius IT Brainery is a growing institution of excellence where young people are groomed into excellence. The Brainery is not only equipping young people with Technical skills in computing but also working on helping develop other equally important skills areas of Leadership and Entrepreneurship where applicable.

Each person who enrols on our courses or program becomes a Fellow and upon completion, automatically becomes and then joins the Alumni Platform called the GITB LEAD.

Below are a few things to take note of when enrolling for our programs or courses.


In line with Genius IT Brainery’s initiative to get young people well-equipped with relevant and employable skills, it is assumed that you have read and understood all that is included in the terms and conditions.

Our programs are designed to provide relevant skills development to young people in bridging the Digital gap.

Our programs or courses are designed to be taken within time frames or durations. These durations are taken into consideration by looking at the objective of each course level.

Considering undertaking courses with Genius IT Brainery is subject to terms & conditions outlined as follows:


  1. Fellows are required to possess a laptop computer, otherwise, obtain one before the start of the program.
  2. In the case where the Fellow is not able to access a laptop before the start of a course or program, such Fellow should find out from the institution if there is one available for use.
  3. An orientation will take place at the training centre in which Fellows are required to be present.
  4. Fellows are required to apply accurate data via the application channels provided to qualify to participate in the program.


  1. The training program will require at least 95% attendance or as may be determined by the specific course on the part of the participants.
  2. Fellows should take note that habitual lateness and absenteeism to and from training sessions will not be tolerated and the institution reserves the right to suspend students who fail to go according to the policy.


Assignments will be handed out to Fellows after each lesson or tutorial; Fellows will be required to complete and submit all pending assignments for scoring and recording.


In the course of a lesson, short tests may be conducted; Fellows will be required to undergo these tests and do all that is required.


Projects will also be given in the course of training where Fellows will demonstrate and apply the acquired skills to solve real-life problems and situations. These projects may be carried out in groups or otherwise. Fellows must partake in these projects.


In addition to tests, assignments, and projects, Fellows may also be required to undertake examinations which will be held at the end of each course or the training program. This examination will be determined by the course instructor.


Summary note writing is Genius IT Brainery’s strategy to help students learn and acquire the skills that are needed. Students are to go through the guidelines for the Summary Notes and obtain the needed skills in doing so for each class session and course module.


Fellows are expected to be on their best behaviour at all times during training or lectures. Following the instructions of the lesson, instructors are greatly advised. Fellows should note that indecent, uncultured or immoral behaviour threatening the smooth sailing of the training will not be tolerated under any circumstances and the institution, again reserves the right to withdraw any participant with such behaviour.


Brainery has developed a great strategy to engage professionals in respective fields for which their knowledge and experience will be engaged from time to time. These lectures are compulsory for fellows in training whiles the public will also be invited to participate.


In addition to attending lesson sessions, Fellows will be required to be part of and attend all events organized by the intuition in line with the training. Such programs will be announced during course sessions if there are any.


Scores will be allocated to the given assignments for assessment. The assessment will determine whether the participant is eligible to receive the certificate on completion. In light of that, Fellows are advised to take all lesson activities and assignments seriously.

Fellows are advised to read the above policy carefully and Sign it before the start of any program with Genius IT Brainery.

This policy will be updated from time to time and students are advised to read to update their knowledge of what is current.

 Note: Fellows are mandated to read and sign this document