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Executive Director

Education is the foundation for great inventions and creative solutions. It is the foundation of most discoveries, sciences, and developments, amongst others.  The depth of our education coupled with understanding and adequate practicality, will surely equip the youths of Africa and beyond with what it takes to propel the future of the continent to a place of success.

This conviction inspired us to establish Genius IT Brainery, a revolutionary thoughtful professional training institute. This one focuses on developing the next generation of leaders who will have the moral courage to challenge the status quo and have a global impact in silencing Africa’s voice of poverty.

Genius IT Brainery is for people who believe they are extremely special, one-of-a-kind, and geniuses. We believe that quality education guided by morality and a sense of humanity will be required to free the African continent from its current mental slavery and dependence.

The wealth of a nation is primarily not the number of resources hidden in its land but the resourcefulness of the minds of its residents. This is determined by their level of education, comprehension, and ability to know what to do in order to make the best use of these resources, even if they are insufficient.

Everything rises and falls on Leadership making it a very important subject. We dream of a future where young people are empowered to believe in their abilities and can take bold actionable steps through challenges into greatness.

Genius IT Brainery is a place where people’s lives are transformed, not just their digital or technological skills.

Our core pillars of which we build competencies include Technology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. These pillars are carefully carved to prepare young Africans to take up the mandate of using technology to drive growth.

Genius IT Brainery is a creative solution to the African continent’s challenges where generations will be transformed. This is done by growing generational thinkers who believe their impact scope should be trans-generational and not for momentary profits.