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Genius IT Brainery Open Lecture 2 - Speaker Profile - Holy Akpene Amoaku

Welcome to the Genius IT Brainery Open Lectures! Our second lecture focused on the topic of Personal Branding. This engaging session highlighted the significance of leveraging personal branding to enhance and improve individuals’ chances of success. Discover the power of personal branding and how it can benefit you in today’s competitive world. Join us to learn valuable insights and strategies for building a compelling personal brand that sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your chances of success with personal branding!

Speaker Profile

Mrs Holy Akpene Amoaku is a personal branding coach on a mission to impact people’s lives by building their value system through mentoring, training, and coaching. From being a small business owner of Blossom Exclusive to branding coach, Holy shares her inspiring journey. She started her business by transforming and repurposing old clothes into elegant and outstanding ones, leveraging the power of the internet and Facebook to sell her brand. Although she faced setbacks, Holy invested in her personal and brand development and discovered her passion for branding individuals. She now teaches strategies to build a unique personal brand that attracts the right paying audience, resulting in massive sales. Holy’s coaching clients’ success stories are a testament to her expertise and inspiration.


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