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Fiawoli Mawusi

Fiawoli Mawusi

My name is Fiawoli Mawusi. I graduated from Genius IT Brainery’s Essentials course, which covered Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Python programming, Graphic Design, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills. These skills I acquired in the course have been invaluable to me as I am currently studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Professional Studies Accra.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint have been essential for organizing assignments and notes. Mavis Beacon has helped me improve my typing skills. Microsoft Excel has been useful for managing my mother’s business inventory and pricing strategies back at home.

The Leadership and Entrepreneurship program has been particularly impactful. They are guiding me in decision-making and risk assessment, very crucial in my academic journey. I highly recommend Genius IT Brainery for its holistic approach to education, fostering competence and problem-solving skills. Access to resources, like computers, ensures inclusivity. Join Genius IT Brainery and become a global problem-solver.