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Sabrah Delali Ama

Sabrah Delali Ama

I am Sabrah Delali Denise Ama, a graduate of Genius IT Brainery’s Essential Course from October to December 2023. My goal was to enhance my IT skills and broaden my understanding of technology.

Before the course, I believed I had a good grasp of Microsoft applications, but the program revealed gaps. My specific interests were Python programming and website development.

One notable assignment involved creating a Python program to calculate BMI, determining if individuals were underweight, healthy, or overweight (obese).

Encountering difficulty in an Excel subtopic, my peers, despite my missed class, patiently reviewed the material with me, highlighting the supportive learning environment.

Beyond technical skills, the institution instilled the values of hard work, discipline, and consistency. Improved proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with enhanced Python skills, reflected my growth. Typing speed also improved.

I now excel in Python, perform basic mathematical calculations, build websites, and efficiently organize data in Excel, including PowerPoint presentations.

Commending the excellent teaching at Genius IT Brainery, I express gratitude for a positive experience and encourage the continuation of their impactful work.